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‘‘This rubbish must stop’’

Andries Peterson points out the rubbish dumped on the road, which he says is a disgrace to the neighbourhood as residents continue to illegally dump.

Westbank residents are battling with a massive illegal dumping site in High Street that is growing by the day.

The site, close to the West Bank golf course, has become a health hazard and initially started out as a dustbin.

Residents take turns to burn the stack while some prefer to wait for the municipality.

The Buffalo City Municipality (BCM) had intervened and cleared the site out, but residents continue to dump just about everything on this street corner.

While some residents keep the area clean, there is a handful that is ignorant and not bothered by the health and safety risks this creates in the neighbourhood, explained Peterson. “We do not want to live like this, the situation is getting out of control and we do not know what to do, but this rubbish dumping must stop,” concluded Peterson.

Residents are unable to resolve the matter within themselves owing to lack of leadership since the passing of Ward Councillor, Richard Rooy earlier this year.

Residents hope BCM will give urgent attention and fine perpetrators caught.


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