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Vox Pop: Share your views - Sanitary Pads VS Condoms

We asked our readers whether they think Sanitary Pads should as freely available as Condoms are for young people. Here are their thoughts:

Darean Timothy, 25, Cambridge
I don’t see why sanitary pads cannot be given out for free when condoms are free. I know it is embarrassing for some ladies when they get their period unexpectedly and do not have money to buy pads and end up using toilet paper. I think every woman should be entitled to free pads every month, it is a need that the government should have addressed decades ago.

Necaela Istain, 20, Amalinda
I think sanitary pads should also be free because some people do not have money to buy pads. I know people who opt for the needle in order to stop the period and avoid the costs of the pads. This is not something we asked for, it’s something that naturally takes course and I think the government should find a way to help us like they found a way to give out free condoms.

Sean Alexander, 19, Garcia Flats
I believe pads should be free because condoms just promote sex and there is a lot of teenage pregnancies in the province alone. If the government can manage to subsidise some “needs” I think they can subsidise pads as well and make it less costly than they currently are. Females need pads the same way anyone needs a loaf of bread. They cannot help nature.

Melissa Botha, 31, Selborne
It is good thing that condoms are free as they help control the spread of HIV and STIs. However, I don’t see why women are not given free pads. Yes, sex is a choice but getting your period is not. Sometimes young girls get periods for the first time while at school and that creates a mess and they do not have pads, that is embarrassing.

Malita Vir Liliveild, 33, Buffalo Flats
Condoms help control the spread of infections and control the population. It is embarrassing when you cannot afford sanitary pads because it just lowers your confidence. If you do not have sanitary pads, you cannot part take in certain activities because you fear having an accident. Pads should be given out for free at schools, hospitals and workplaces for use by all women when in need.

Rose Malgas, 47, Cambridge
The girls are really affected by this issue, if they get an accident at school and do not have sanitary pads, they will be too embarrassed to go back the next day.

Khoisan Queen Anette Vorster, 43, Garcia Flats
Pads and condoms should be freely distributed to people, especially the youth. As we all know, periods are not a choice, there are lot of vulnerable women and youth that cannot afford these necessities so the government should improvise and give out free sanitary pads. The health department should hear our endless cry on this matter because it really affects our communities.

Rylean Plaatjies, 26, Fynbos
Condoms were made free to help manage the spread of STIs and to help teenage pregnancy. Pads must be free and this is something that has been debated for the longest time. Pads are hygienic and recommended and the other things people use for periods are not good for their health. The government must be concerned about the issues surrounding this because it is serious.

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