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Water to be delivered to BCMM communities

Updated: Mar 26

Buffalo City Metro Mayor, Xola Pakati

Only 2% of the Buffalo City Municipal Metro residents do not have access to clean water ahead of the countrywide 21 days lockdown on March 26, according to Mayor Xola Pakati. After the initial exclusion of this 2% from the City’s Covid-19 plan, Pakati has assured that the Metro will be delivering water in tankers on a regular schedule throughout the said period.

Locals have been urged to ‘calm down’ and know that most of the basic amenities will function as per usual. Water, electricity and sewerage will consistently be maintained without any disruptions. Refuse removals will operate as usual, parks and grass cutting will occur on regular scheduled times.

“Traffic and law enforcement will be available around the clock to ensure that citizens abide by the new bi-laws introduced by the President and the Metro. These include times of closure for businesses and limited numbers for gatherings,” said Pakati.

The Mayor urged people to pay their bills online, where they can, or use the centres that will be open. Public transport that falls under BCMM will not be available for citizens.

The Mayor also warned that cemeteries will be open for funerals, provided that only family members are in attendance.

The main message remains the same; heighten personal hygiene: wash your hands often; cough and sneeze into a tissue or an elbow; avoid at all costs close contact with others as this is how the droplet infection will spread from one person to another.

South Africa has 709 people who have tested positive of Covid-19 to date, but there are others who are infected, but who are not symptomatic as yet. The lockdown will protect millions of South Africans from becoming infected and will prevent many deaths.

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Health, Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, on Tuesday emphasised that the benefits of the lockdown will outweigh the inconvenience and advised fellow citizens to take the following weeks one day at a time.

Other countries that have followed a similar course of action have recorded positive outcomes in addressing the pandemic.






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