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‘We are not safe’ – Fort Hare students

Last night University of Fort Hare students held a night vigil at the Alice campus swimming pool area where Sibahle Mkiva was found dead inside the pool on Saturday evening.

Sihle Ndabambi, secretary of the Student Representative Council (SRC) expressed the student body’s heartbreak and condolences following the incident currently under investigation. Mkiva’s body was found with bruises on his lip, blood on his nose, a bruised chest and sand or soil between his toes. “We are praying for his family and friends, for the school and for the Alice community. We want to see whoever is responsible for this behind bars, and we are seeking government intervention,” she said.

The SRC made a strong call to the University to tighten security around the campus after another student had been stabbed to death in September by a student on campus. “If the cameras worked and there were enough guards to patrol the campus, we would know what happened to Sibahle. We are not safe, we are living in fear of being the next victim,” said Ndabambi.


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