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What is National Health Insurance?

The Government summarises the National Health Insurance as – Ubuntu, caring for the nation in an emergency in the health care sector.

This insurance is said to be for everyone and will be providing access to high-quality health care whether a citizen is unemployed or working.

The government found that infectious diseases are especially difficult for those who do not have the means to see specialist doctors. The insurance seeks to ensure that everyone has access to means to save their lives.

It will be made available to South Africans and foreign nationals who are in the country lawfully, to receive assistance from selected services. People from other countries will get help when they have infectious diseases, such as TB, and HIV as a means to protect South African citizens. Their children will receive all the health benefits.

Initially, the government will invest the existing amount, but over time the National Treasury will introduce fewer taxes for the fund. If you have a monthly medical aid, the medical scheme is not allowed to provide you with available NHI treatments.

This insurance is expected to be fully operational by 2026. However, it is expected to go into effect as early as 2022, for children, mothers, adults and people with disabilities.

The government agency will decide which the insurance will cover illnesses and medications. Equity funds from the National Treasury to provinces, as well as conditional grants, will be included in the NHI. If a person uses a designated NHI facility, they will not pay a cent.

In the meantime, the government is preparing clinics, hospitals, employing staff and ensuring that there is enough medicines. Citizens will have to register themselves and their families at a local doctor or clinic, stating that he or she wants to benefit from the insurance.





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