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Why did Fritz kill Anele?

By Khuthala Nandipha

“Day 1. This morning, you weren't next to me when I woke up nor came to wake us up as you usually did. So, I picked up my phone to call you to ask ufika nini endlini as I noticed you weren't home. Is this reality sinking in My lover?"

This was a Facebook messaged by the wife of slain Anele Hoyana a day after her husband was murdered and humiliated by business partner and neighbour Fritz Joubert on November 30 in Kwelera, East London.

The police have refused to comment any further on the case as two investigations are underway by the East London police and Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) into the death of Joubert and Hoyana.

Questions have been raised about why he killed someone that he worked closely with, as well as the identity of a person who shot a video of Joubert terrorising Hoyana and threatening to hit him in the head.

Joubert and Hoyana were killed in the early hours of Saturday morning after they had been socialising over drinks with Hoyana’s wife, Babalwa and their two children, aged two and two-weeks. The Hoyanas, family friends of Joubert, were temporarily residing in the farm.

According to a police statement, a fight broke out and escalated onto the deck where Joubert punched Hoyana and hit him with a rifle bud. Hoyana died on the spot from severe head injuries. Joubert called the neighbours requesting help and the Bluewater and Gonubie police were called. Warrant Officer Odendaal was the first cop to arrive. On arrival, Joubert told him that ‘nobody is going to leave the farm premises today’.

It is believed. he had taken Hoyana’s two children hostage, in the bathroom. Babalwa was hiding in the yard fearing for her life. Constable Bam was the second to arrive. Joubert locked both cops inside the house and demanded they surrender their weapons, but they refused.

Bam went to the bathroom and rescued the children in the bathtub and handed them over to the mother outside. Meanwhile, inside the house, it is believed that Joubert attacked Odendaal from behind with fists and attempted to disarm him. During their struggle, one shot went off and missed both of them. The second shot hit Joubert under his arm and died on the scene.

“Odendaal was rushed to hospital with a fractured nose, jaw and face. Firearms, a lot of ammunition and a police flag was confiscated from the house,” according to police spokesperson, Captain Hazel Mqala.

On Tuesday last week Eastern Cape Rising Sun reporter, Khuthala Nandipha met Joubert (45), his business partner Hoyana (40), Babalwa and their two boys to discuss their advanced new venture, breeding cats from lions, tigers to cheetahs at his Kwelera Farm. Construction had already begun on cages that will house the cats. Joubert cried a lot during our conversations, rambling on about changing the world and getting black people out of poverty. Hoyana said this was a sign of ‘passion’.

Joubert, a former Free State police officer, moved to East London 10 years ago to work as an electrician in the Transkei. He bought a farm that he shared with his wife, high school sweetheart and their three children. According to him, his wife allegedly ran off his best friend and their children to build a family in Cintsa. The couple recently got engaged. When he told this story, he showed no emotions.

He believed that everyone was always messing up his life, but he was going to rise above it all with his new company Cats@Vegas#Transky. Babalwa worked as Joubert’s Personal Assistant, while Hoyana was doing his Public Relations and liaising with the government in sourcing funds. He is a certified Facilities Professional (CFProf.)

Hoyana told of a story where Joubert beat up 18 people at a local Beacon Bay pub a week before. He added that Joubert seemed to instil fear in East Londoners. Joubert drank a lot, claiming that alcohol is like ‘a fuel to his body’ and he needs it to function.

“It is payback time. I am a Lion, I am different. I am the one. I can’t break, I can die,” were the last words from the ‘Malboer’, as he called himself.






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