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You inspire a woman, you inspire a nation!

The Eastern Cape Rising Sun spoke to local women on the significance of August: Women’s Month.

We asked: 1. Who is your role model?

2. What special act did you do for yourself or others during Women's Day / Month?

3. What is your message to other women during this time of year?

Here's what Delmarie Kent from Nahoon had to say...

The word WOMAN is one of the greatest words of humankind.

A home cannot be filled with Love and the world cannot function without a WOMAN. My role model will always be my late daughter, Santanna, who stood her ground as a strong WOMAN.

She believed that nothing was impossible for a WOMAN to achieve and that the stronger you are, the happier your life will be. She believed every WOMAN should speak out and not be afraid to walk away from abusive relationships.

She believed every WOMAN should be treated with nothing less than the Love and Respect that she gives. As a WOMAN she believed in giving to the less fortunate and to speak for those that cannot speak. As a WOMAN filled with Love, she brought hope and laughter to the children she visited in Hospitals.

As a passionate WOMAN teacher, she gave children the mindset that they can overcome any learning difficulty and the world had a place for each of them. Today I am the strong WOMAN I am no matter how my heart is broken, and will never heal.

Today I challenge all WOMEN to be like her, to change the world and to CELEBRATE YOUR BEAUTY AND BE PROUD TO BE A WOMAN.

Delmarie Kent (right) with her daughter Santanna.


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