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Young mother moulds children for safety

Llana King, a young mother from Buffalo flats has put together a Kids Modelling Show for November 23, 2019 inspired by the need to keep children off the streets and away from rape and violence.

“Recent happenings in East London have led to fear taking over our homes. Parents have had to be vigilant in keeping an even closer eye children, leaving the kids on lockdown with fear of being hurt, kidnapped or worse,” said King.

She adds that her event aims to bring the kids together, allow them to have fun, build their confidence and ensure they still have hope that there are still fun things to do in East London.

“I don’t want them to fall under the stigma of negative outcomes that are expected from township communities. People think we are a haven for drugs, alcohol and gangsterism. We are something much more and kids can still be allowed to be kids,” said the mother.

The show will feature rappers and other talents. The children will be judged on talent, personality, confidence and knowledge. The judges will be a panel of five from the community. The event will be hosted in Ghostown Buffalo flats ext.


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